Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions. Aveyond 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Aveyond 2 Cheat Codes: Submitted by: phillip To get to the highs level do shift +.

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Unlike the walkthrough for version 1, this walkthrough will go into detail with all of the quests, whether crucial to the storyline or not.

Just across the bridge is a small hill with a cave. He tells you he has a plan and a trap, and is determined to rid the woods of this aveynd. Save your game and try a few battles — if it proves too difficult, walkthroubh this area and continue to Thais, coming back here to fight, level up, get gold and search for chests, after getting better weapons and armor. Return to Seri and deliver the egg to the Sultan, who happily allows Simini to go.

Aveyond 2 Walkthrough & Cheats

Look around for chests, and enter the Ice Caverns. There is also a blue chest which, if you have Jack in your party, opens to reveal a magic picklock.


There is walkthrojgh door just a little east of the City Weaponry, leading down into a sewer. This proves Iya exists, aveeyond Ean realizes the snow and Iya’s disappearance are signs that something terrible has happened!

Go into the bedroom with the small bed, and Ean automatically goes to Iya’s secret hiding spot, where he finds a ribbon he gave to her. Nicolas, the younger brother of Prince Uthar, is a young man caught up in his looks and titles. I hope that the walkthrough was helpful.

Aveyond 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips

Iya is standing in her bedroom, beautifully dressed in a manner befitting a princess. Note the statue of the goddess to the southeast of the General Store.


Return to Happily Ever After and talk to the alchemist there, then go to Ravenwood to get the beast hair, and to The Woodlands the quickest way is to use the Magic Express between Shadow Woods and the Woodlandswhere Thistleroot is growing in that damp clump of loose earth near the waterfall between Ryva and Spire Mountain. Following the Oracle’s instructions, get back in your canoe and head eastwards.

Now return to Elfwood and talk to Ean’s mother this gets added to your journal automatically after Iya joins you.

Each time you gain a level you will get stronger, but keep an eye on your HP and make sure you have enough bread to keep topping up if you play on EASY this is not so important as you will get an automatic HP top-up with each level increase.

Return to Casket Hill and the Lord of Souls.

Aveyond 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Even Iya’s mother, sister and grandmother do not know who she is! The heroes look into the mirror and see the Snow Queen turning all of the guests to ice.

Speak to the Squirrel Commander in the middle of the hideout why is it that squirrel encounters always begin with ten lashings? If you found the jeweller’s toolkit, take it to Rothwell. Immediately you go into battle. Finally, make your way into the castle and deliver Uthar’s letter to Princess Ella. The only place to disembark is at the eastern end of the lake, on the southern shore. The Oracle explains that Ishtar is also a prisoner and in need of saving, and that Iya must find it within herself to defeat that which would destroy her.

In order to save Nuha, you need to find someone to fill the empty pages of the book with her story. The sails can be purchased from a merchant in the Seri marketplace he will not sell them to you until Ava asks for them.


You have a few more to get through before you face the Queen Bee and her two drones. Have one of your party equip the Lucky Charm if you helped Ivanna in Candar — the Flying Toads here have an awesome Frog Song spell that puts the entire party to sleep, and if they manage to cast it, you could dream your way to a peaceful death!

WALKTHROUGH version 2 – Aveyond 2: Ean’s Quest – Aveyond Studios Community

There are a good number of chests to locate here, and you will level up nicely in the process. The door on the right leads to the School of War and Magic, where Emma is learning the art of swordmanship, if you offered to pay for her schooling when in Candar. When you follow her directions, you realize you need a way to get Gulliver out of the house. For the direct route to Aisling, who is imprisoned here, go through the mirror on the left side on the back wall.

Go to the General Store and upgrade his equipment before you leave. When he arrives, he learns of the Snow Queen’s plot to take over all the kingdoms and turn the world to ice, and her plan to take Iya’s magical abilities as her own by sacrificing her at the Ice Ball, currently in progress.